Elderflower Vinegar

A beautifully fragrant vinegar, very easily made


Elderflower , Large heads
15 each
Vinegar, White Wine
600 ml


Pick the flowers when in full bloom and snip flowers from the stalks. Discard any insects! Pack flowers into a clean jar then pour over the vinegar. Close, and leave in a sunny place for 2-3 weeks. When ready, strain through muslin and decant vinegar into bottles. Seal, and store in a dry, dark cupboard. It is delicious as a salad dressing mixed with a light oil, or try it as a drink - use like cordial diluted with sparkling, iced mineral water. Stupendous!

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

Will make approx. 2-3 250ml bottles

Look after it

Keep cool, store away from strong sunlight

What to put it in

Elderflower Vinegar is a speciality that needs a special bottle, try the 100ml Serranto
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