Elderflower Champagne

You want your party to go with a bang?!


Elderflower , Large heads
6 each
2 each
Sugar, White granulated
25 oz
700 g
Vinegar, White Wine
2 tbsp
4.5 litre


Plastic bottles are better than glass because as the pressure builds up the crimp at the bottom will pop out instead of the bottle breaking, and when the bottles fall over you know they are ready!. Do not wash or scald the flower heads as the wild yeasts needed for the fermentation will be lost. Pick the flowerheads on a warm, sunny day in the morning, and use straightaway. Do not pick if the petals are beginning to drop. Put the water into a large pan, add the sliced lemons and the flowerheads (shake any bugs off first ) Cover the pan and leave for 24-36 hours Strain the liquid through muslin into a clean pan or large bucket Add the sugar and vinegar and stir to dissolve the sugar Pour into your bottles and put the screw caps on but don't tighten. Leave the bottles somewhere you can keep an eye on them and after a few days you should see signs of the fermentation After a couple of weeks, the activity will have died down somewhat and the caps can be screwed down. Put the bottles someweher safe away from people, pets, windows and heat. Even somewhere safe outside in the cool will be fine. They will be ready to use in another few days - just check the pressure by gently squeezing the bottles. Refrigerate before use - and open very carefully Beware: The Fizz will continue to work in the bottles and will become more alcoholic and drier the older it is. Beyond three months it may be too dry but just make a note somewhere of your own preference. Check the pressure from time to time and loosen slightly to release the pressure a bit.

How long will it take to make?

Preparation time:
Total time:
Soaking overnight
not included in total time

How much?

Around 5 litres

Look after it

Store VERY carefully, in a cool place away from people, pets and windows
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Sugar, White granulated


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